By AMSA-Unsyiah - November 16, 2015

On Saturday, October 26th 2013, MemberShip and Development Division (MnD) of AMSA Unsyiah held an event, BIMATERIL (Basic Training and Meeting The Experts for Sharing Experience to Develop Organizing Skill). Hendra Dwitanto as the chief of this event expressed that the purpose of holding BIMATERIL was to increase the abilities of AMSA members in self-developing and organizing especially in leadership field.
A series of BIMATERIL programs was held actively and interestingly at 9am till 4.30 pm by a speaker from The Leader team. One of the Leader member is also an AMSA Unsyiah member studying doctor profession eduction. This event began with the registration session at 9 till 9.30 am.
The first material was “River of Life” which was held at 9.30 till 11 am. In this first section of the event, approximately 50 of BIMATERIL participants were really excited. They were divided into some groups and created a circle. In each group, the participants were asked to describe their life on a paper started from their childhood till their future. After that, each participant was asked to present it in that group. According to one of a participant  named Orintya Putri Adiyusika, who is usually called as Orin, she really liked the first given material. She told that with “River of Life”, she had known about the journeys of life of her friends. The effect was also pretty good, she got to understand her friends better about how they live.
The second material was “Project Management” held at 11am till 12.30 pm. This time, the participants who were still in their groups were asked to solve several complicated problems together. They were taught how to solve problem in several steps systematically.
After the second material had finished, BIMATERIL was continued with ISOMA, in this section, all the participants were given time to break, pray and have lunch from 12.30 till 2 pm. After this section, the event was started again with the next material. This time, it was about Leader Training. The participants were not in groups anymore. This third material began with drawing about how the criterias of an ideal leader are, depends on how the participants thought. They seemed really creative, there was a participant who drew a people with a lamp over his head, there was also one who drew a character which was looked alike with Teuku Umar, Hitler and many more.
The last section was Leader Game began at 3.30 till 4. 30 pm. The participants were divided into several groups again, then they were given a scenario of a case about an area where was isolated and disturbed by disasters. Each group was asked to solve the case in 3D miniature shapes in 15 minutes. In this game, each group tried to make the best solution to be presented. Every idea from each group was impressive enough. They made a moving health care, a multifunctional building, and many others. There were also participants who made a base of helicopter and volunteer miniatures.

After the last section, each participant was asked to take Rp. 3000 and gave that money to one of the participant who had and did the biggest role in this event they thought. How much the money was collected in a participant would be the indicator that they were liked by their friends. And if the participants only get a little money, it would mean that they had to be better in the future.

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