Asian Medical Students' Association Syiah Kuala University

Asian Medical Students’ Association, or commonly called AMSA, is a peak representative organization for medical students from across Asia, the Asia-Pacific, and beyond. AMSA is a complete package organization that can make us grow holistically. It provides a forum for self-actualization for its members according to our interests and talents. AMSA is non-profit and non-political organization.

AMSA-USK was inaugurated as a full member of AMSA-Indonesia in July 5th, 2006. With 38 member-universities in six disticts, AMSA-USK is a part of District 1 AMSA-Indonesia.

AMSA-USK consists of an advisory board, a presidential board, and an executive board, which has 7 departments. There are Community Outreach, Membership and Development, Research and Academic, Finance, External, Publication and Promotion, and Basic Life Support.

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